Blind Spot

See How Hackers Can Steal Your Data

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What's Inside?

Book Preview

Blind Spot understands that users experience computer troubles constantly especially online threats. As we move more into the digital age, cyber threats are becoming more prevalent as technology changes and advances. Because of the pace of changes and the level of information around technologies, users experience a BLOCK when attempting to understand the functionality of the technology. Blind Spot is a series that takes the challenge to raise awareness about cybercrime and offer tips to empower users as we move further into the digital age.

Blind Spot Book Series:

Takes the reader on an adventure where the reader understand not only what the threats are, but they will learn best practices to mitigate risk and exposure all in a consumable manner. 

Blind Spot Goals:

  • Educate: Teach readers about the subject in a clear understanding manner.

  • Social Cause: Be an active solution to the widening digital divide

  • Raise Aware: To raise awareness about cybercrime and data protection