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Your Smart Device Was Hacked?

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Anthony McDaniel - Author of Blind Spot: Smartphone and Computer Personal Security Guide [Link]

What if I told you that someone could hack your light bulbs or your smart fridge and use them to infect your other device. [video]



I got this friend, Jessica. Jessica is what I want to call neo-eccentric techie, where the extra flair being focused on her tech home decor. She has purposefully blinded, a toaster that will make toast for her, a coffee maker that starts the coffee in the morning.

A life of real autonomy.

When she tells her virtual assistant, "Good Morning." all the device kick off their sequenced task. It's like watching into a musical.

Jessica's home is packed with over ten different IoT devices, all connected to her internet. Devices that all do their things to make Jessica's life just a little bit easier. Jessica was recently alarmed when she discovered on the news that there were ways for cybercriminals to breach her security cams, fridge, and TV and make them behave in ways that she never expected.


Jessica Asks,

"How can I better protect my home network?"

She doesn't feel comfortable knowing that someone could be spying on her in her own home after recently installing a smart home security system. She wants recommendations that she could implement to secure her devices better.


My Comments

Every day there are new vulnerabilities. IoT devices are the latest players in the arena and are vulnerable due to their lack of security features. Cybercriminals have created malicious programs to infiltrate our networks and disrupt our smart devices. Recently, newer smart security cameras that have been hacked by remote cyber criminals. Fortunately, there are tasks we can perform to secure our network better and prevent ourselves from falling victim to cybercrime.



Cover or Disable Your Internet-connected Cams When Not in Use.

  • You can also put a piece of tape over the cam lens.

  • Unplug the cam when not in use.

Keep Your IoT Devices Current With The Latest Security Updates.

  • Run system updates regularly.

Review Your Device's Settings To Make Sure It Only Does What You Need The Device To Do.

  • Review your privacy settings.

  • Review your permissions.

  • Review of your privacy policy.

  • Privacy Policy should address common privacy concerns and the use of data.

  • Will the mic always be active?

  • Will the camera always be active?

  • Will the device always need access to my location?

  • How is the device going to use my data, and where is it going to send the information?

Update your router's firewall



Threats are rising against IoT, there are different devices each with their vulnerabilities, and that makes securing them pretty tricky.

Follow these steps, and your devices and your network will become significantly more secure.

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