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Meet Anthony

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

My name is Anthony McDaniel

I have a huge interest in robotics, computers, and learning new stuff. Yes, I am a nerdy

geek I beat you to it. I have had a general interest in tech since forever.

The first computer I had, I was working on animations in PowerPoint. The computer broke, and I tried to fix it. I did a ton of research and came to love how computers worked and wanted to know more. Now I'm writing about the subject of IT security. I branched out to work in my school's Help Desk, where I took apart computers and reassembled them to see how they worked and how to fix them.

I worked in IT for over 8 years, helping people from various backgrounds with their computer problems. In my role, I discovered there wasn't an easy way for people to understand their computers. I would get repeat issues all the time. Some were complex, but most were about issues that the user caused.

Something was missing, and I needed to address this problem. I wrote up Blind Spot, which is an information guide for people who are not very tech-savvy. Those who do not feel comfortable with computers are likely to encounter a computer issue like viruses.

This guide is written to help people understand threats and mitigate going forward.

I also started the IT Guy, which is our weekly tech blog.

Blind Spot is a book that I wrote as an introductory guide to information security. The book covers:

  • How you can protect data on your smartphone.

  • Ways to secure your home computer or iPhone /Android

  • How not to fall victim to scam emails.

  • How to secure your computer better.

  • Your information and social media.

  • How do to protect your identity better.

  • How do to prevent computer viruses.

  • How do to counter spam emails.

  • Gain tips for computer security.

I love to read, but I understand that people also like to get as much information they can use as possible but without the fluff. Blind Spot is about 30 pages long and is very compact and informative.

Available now

Barnes and Noble



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