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Philadelphia Onsite Support Services

Many people don't require IT assistance every day. When a need arises, it is generally an immediate and pressing one, but hiring a large IT firm isn't always cost-effective, especially for what they charge. KombDev is a small business with a diverse team of professionals that can provide on-site support services. We can deploy the computer expert for you, saving you time in looking for the appropriate IT services in Philadelphia. Be aware, some businesses attempt to handle such concerns on their own, but this might result in greater downtime or diversion from core business requirements.

With that, technology is continuously evolving, with new procedures, software and hardware options, and other new types of services daily, it can be overwhelming to keep up with your home network. As a result of this, the methods in which individuals conduct business at home and manage daily IT maintenance are changing. Whether you're assisting remote offices or many branch locations, having a Philadelphia Computer Support Specialist on hand can make a world of difference.

There are several ways for you to address the issue of keeping up with the every evolving IT trends and technologies, but outsourcing your IT and using a local Philadelphia onsite support may be the simplest and most effective solution.

Fast Resolution For IT Issues

Screen sharing software, phones, and cloud control systems can be used to address IT problems remotely. Physical failures or deeper issues that may not be readily fixed using remote technology are the most typical reasons for projects (homework, important projects for work, etc) to come to a halt. Network outages, printer and copier difficulties, phone system outages, and security issues are all examples of out-of-office problems that are extremely common. KombDev Onsite Support might be the ideal answer in these situations.

When it comes to finding the finest onsite support in Philadelphia, you must go with a business that has demonstrated experience managing process. A good example is if the service provider has a comprehensive and well design process to help you with your concerns. Customers should be able to trust that they will always know what they need and who to call if anything needs additional attention.

KombDev can assist you with any problem related to your on-site technology. While more and more businesses and applications migrate to cloud-based solutions, there will always be a requirement for networking gear, printers for hard copies, and other onsite equipment to connect to these systems.

Learn More About The Best Onsite IT Support Team

With so many different IT services in Philadelphia, it can be frustrating to choose which company to go when it comes to your computer questions or concerns– that's why we have made it easy on your customers when it comes to selecting the right computer and network repair team.

KombDev offers numerous onsite services to enhance your home projects and IT solution, so contact us today and learn how we can help with your technical needs. We are Philadelphia number 1 choice for all Computer Services. 

Philadelphia Computer Services and Repair

Meet Anthony

Owner | Lead Technician
US Army Veteran

Anthony is the founder of KombDev Computer Support and Author of Blind Spot Smartphone and Computer Personal Security Guide. With 10 years of Enterprise IT experience, he is able to bring his knowledge and experiences to manifest solutions for his clients and build great relationships. When Anthony, 6 year United States Army Veteran,  is not solving computer disasters, He is discovering new solutions that can make his clients lives easier.


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We install your computer and connect your peripherals.

We install all the software you need.

Data transfer from a former machine to a new machine.

Courtesy Walk-through!

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Remote Support

Speak with a real person who has the troubleshooting ability to accurately diagnose the issue and get to the root cause and resolve the problem.

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Onsite Support

As a knowledgeable PC technician, I can address your computer problems and restore your computer back to proper working order.

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Data Recovery

If you data is lost, we have the tools to dissect your Storage device and work to recover your lost files.

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Network Support

We optimize your internet connection to be secure and accessible.

We make sure all your devices are able to connect online

We offer recommendations to improve your internet experience depending on your usage.

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Home Automation

Hey Perform Morning Routine”

I have the knowledge and skills to deliver the automation of your dreams. For everything from climate control to larger projects like automated lawn mowing.



We offer professional IT services in The Greater Philadelphia Area Norristown, PA


We make getting a new Mac or Windows computer a breeze. We will setup your computer, peripherals, and personally guide you on how to use the new computer.

Data Recovery


Recover lost data from a variety of storage devices. Successfully recover data from hard drives, SSDs, USB flash drives, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our data recovery services.

Remote Support


Get connected with a real person who can help you troubleshoot your issue. Speak with someone who understands the problem and knows how to fix it.

Network Support


Improved security. Increased accessibility on all devices. Affordable and customizable plans. Professional installation and support.

Onsite Support


We come to you! No need to leave your home or office. Fast, easy, and convenient service. Affordable rates. Knowledgeable and experienced technicians.



Automate your home or business with ease. Get a custom automation solution that meets your specific needs. Work with a professional who knows what they're doing. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home or business is in good hands.

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Monday - Friday: 10:00am - 8:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Phone: 215-999-3461


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