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Network Support

Network Support Solutions in Philadelphia

Are you tired of waiting for a response from your current network team? Do you get irritated with the amount of time it takes to receive a response from your current IT company? KombDev redefines how customers think about network support in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

We don't believe in waiting until something goes wrong to make an adjustment. Rather, our on-site service professionals keep our network support staff up to date on your situation. Continually, we fine-tune the response time of your network and conduct frequent testing to ensure that it is functioning properly. This means you can continue working on your homework and increase productivity.

Each scenario is unique when it comes to network support from KombDev, Philadelphia's Premier Computer Support & Service. Here, we are your on-site or remote support staff experts and are fast to locate and repair a problem once one has been identified.

Importantly, you can address the majority of concerns during the first few conversations. As a result, it helps to minimize money and get you back up to speed quickly. From the very beginning, KombDev's network support services in Philadelphia have been designed with you in mind. Our primary focus is on delivering world-class customer service that won't break the bank

As the amount of data we create continues to increase, it becomes more and more important to have a reliable way to store and transfer that data. With KombDev, you can rest assured that your data will run smoothly! Don't leave your home or business success up to chance. With KombDev on your side, you can be confident that any issues with your network will be quickly resolved.

Fast Resolution For Your Network

With so many different components that make up a network, if one of them fails, the whole performance may be slowed down. Most IT problems occur suddenly and, unless you have a team of specialists on hand to assist you resolve it, these failures might result in significant time lost for your home or small business projects.  KombDev's team of network support specialists can help you avoid any potential issues and keep your home and small business running smoothly.

We understand the importance of having a fast and reliable network. That's why our network support services in Philadelphia are designed to keep your home network or business up and running. We offer a variety of different services to ensure that your data is transferred quickly!

KombDev offers rapid and immediate network assistance to any company having a problem with their network. We are available when most are not (after hours) with our dedicated support teams and constantly accessible help desk, to get your home or business up and running. Allow our specialists to help you solve your problem with the quickest response time. Whether you need some quick recommendations or sophisticated technical assistance, count on us to deliver the finest solution with the fastest support. 


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We install your computer and connect your peripherals.

We install all the software you need.

Data transfer from a former machine to a new machine.

Courtesy Walk-through!

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Remote Support

Speak with a real person who has the troubleshooting ability to accurately diagnose the issue and get to the root cause and resolve the problem.

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Onsite Support

As a knowledgeable PC technician, I can address your computer problems and restore your computer back to proper working order.

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Data Recovery

If you data is lost, we have the tools to dissect your Storage device and work to recover your lost files.

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Network Support

We optimize your internet connection to be secure and accessible.

We make sure all your devices are able to connect online

We offer recommendations to improve your internet experience depending on your usage.

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Home Automation

Hey Perform Morning Routine”

I have the knowledge and skills to deliver the automation of your dreams. For everything from climate control to larger projects like automated lawn mowing.



We offer professional IT services in The Greater Philadelphia Area Norristown, PA


We make getting a new Mac or Windows computer a breeze. We will setup your computer, peripherals, and personally guide you on how to use the new computer.

Data Recovery


Recover lost data from a variety of storage devices. Successfully recover data from hard drives, SSDs, USB flash drives, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our data recovery services.

Remote Support


Get connected with a real person who can help you troubleshoot your issue. Speak with someone who understands the problem and knows how to fix it.

Network Support


Improved security. Increased accessibility on all devices. Affordable and customizable plans. Professional installation and support.

Onsite Support


We come to you! No need to leave your home or office. Fast, easy, and convenient service. Affordable rates. Knowledgeable and experienced technicians.



Automate your home or business with ease. Get a custom automation solution that meets your specific needs. Work with a professional who knows what they're doing. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home or business is in good hands.

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Monday - Friday: 10:00am - 8:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Phone: 215-999-3461


Philadelphia Computer Services and Repair

Meet Anthony

Owner | Lead Technician
US Army Veteran

Anthony is the founder of KombDev Computer Support and Author of Blind Spot Smartphone and Computer Personal Security Guide. With 10 years of Enterprise IT experience, he is able to bring his knowledge and experiences to manifest solutions for his clients and build great relationships. When Anthony, 6 year United States Army Veteran,  is not solving computer disasters, He is discovering new solutions that can make his clients lives easier.

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