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With KombDev home automation support services, you may check in on your home while traveling or from your smartphone at home or away. You can also unlock the door if your kid loses the key, as well as adjust the temperature and view surveillance cameras. Smart home technology adds convenience, comfort, and security to your life. It's also pretty amazing! New construction, small businesses and existing homes are all supported. KombDev will ensure that you are able to take advantage of the latest and greatest in home automation technology.

Our home automation support services can help you with:

  • Network setup

  • Configuring surveillance cameras

  • Setting up and using a smart thermostat

  • Lock and unlock your doors remotely

  • Control your lights from afar

  • Receive alerts if something strange is going on at home

With KombDev home automation support, you will feel much better knowing that your business/home is safe, even when you're not there. We work with homeowners and small businesses in and around Philadelphia to get them excited about technology, both inside and outside of their homes. We want to make technologies easier to utilize and manage by providing a one stop shop service for the amenities that make a house more pleasant, convenient, and enjoyable. Each of our home automation systems includes entertainment, lighting, security, climate control, and energy management. We'll assist you in understanding and taking charge of all of them.

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Complete the Service Request form to speak with someone who understands your problem and has the expertise to fix it. 



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Affordable Home Automation Services

You may keep track of things real time whether you're in the house or halfway across the world thanks to high-definition video cameras around your property. Automate and receive live video feeds from entrances to see who's at the door, in your yard, around your home. From your smart mobile device, you may monitor the security camera's video stream on demand or wirelessly from any room in the house, check on the kids in the yard, and even adjust all of these functions with just one touch screen.


A home's network is the brain of all communications and control for the entire house. We'll build a sturdy, dependable foundation that can handle today's technology as well as tomorrow's. We will work with you to discover a comprehensive network solution that meets all of your system needs, including television, phones, security, control systems, and mobile devices linked to the network in a smart home. If you require functionality and protection, we got the team to help!

Smart home technologies have gotten more intelligent, allowing you to operate them from a smart phone, tablet, keypad, or touch screen. With a single button push, you may listen to your favorite music from any location in the house or turn on the lights and drapes for ambience when entertaining in your open concept kitchen and living area. Start with a free consultation. We'll come to your home, get to know you and your family, and learn about your current needs and desired features for a home automation system. We take the time to understand how you live in your space so that we can design a system tailored just for you.


KombDev knows that each home is different. That’s why we take a personalized approach to every job. We learn about your specific needs and tailor our services to fit you and your budget.


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