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Blind Spot Topics

Explore some of the topic offered with Blind Spot Smartphone & Computer Security Guide 


Passwords are like keys to doors. It is essential to create a password that is complex enough to prevent people from gaining access to your accounts. Blind Spot cover awesome tips on how to keep data safe and secure with better passwords.


Wi-Fi is very convenient, but can become exploited by cybercriminals. Blind Spot covers how to better defend your Wi-Fi and offers tips when connecting to Hotspot networks. 


The Internet can be a fun place, bu let's be honest, not ever site is safe. Blind will guide your with effective strategies to identify secure sites and improve your online safety for you and your family.


Malware is a category of programs whose purpose is to disrupt operations, steal information, or acquire access. We will go over what to look for and how to defend your computer. Learn how to prevent viruses and malware from infecting your computer. how to protect from hackers and viruses.


Smartphones allows us to browse the web, use apps, make calls, and much more. Blind Spot cover points out vulnerabilities and things to strongly consider when installing applications and app permissions to improve your privacy and mobile security. 

BlindSpot Logo

Book Preview

Read a snippet of Blind Spot for insight into some of the powerful tools you can utilize to become a more empowered computer user!

Written for all levels

 a book that covers basic  technology from A-Z that doesn’t feel like a textbook.

What's In Blind Spot?

Improve your security

 BlindSpot: SmartPhone and Computer Personal Security Guide”. McDaniel’s approach to creating this book was written for the  novice in mind without excluding the intermediate or expert. Many of us are usually intimidated by the look and feel of modern technology. BLIND SPOT not only covers a range of topics that range from passwords to emails, but its written in a step by step form that guarantees complete success in any area you may have issues.

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Security Simplified

McDaniel carefully wrote the book that such words-malware, worm, mobile security and so many others, jumps off the page and into your brain with ease. He takes the time to educate functions that we may ignore or never use due to confidence or knowledge. BLIND SPOT offers in depth insight without going over the reader’s head. If you’re looking for a book that covers basic  technology from A-Z that doesn’t feel like a textbook, you’ve found it in Anthony McDaniel’s first literary offering. BLIND SPOT is an easy read for any age demographic that seeks to learn more about technology. 

Why is it important to understand how to secure your data?

If you're like most people, you rely on your computer for a variety of tasks both at home and at work. It's possible to prevent many issues on your own with preventive care. Learning about how to better secure your computer, improve your passwords, and prevent malware infection can improve the longevity of your computer and protect your data. Here are four good reasons why Blind Spot is an excellent resource to explore:

Useful Tips

All the chapters have an amazing tips to reinforce what you learned. Here’s an example of a security tip: "You can provide an answer that does not answer the challenge question directly."

Avoid future problems.

Blind Spot is packed with useful tips and tricks the reader can apply to better protect their data thus avoid potential problems. Learn password best practices and how to address vulnerabilities.

Save your money

Keep your computer running strong and longer! Online threats have become more sophisticated thus requiring computer users to become more knowledgeable. It could cost hundreds of dollars to restore if it becomes infected!

Acquire the knowledge

Computers are complex machines and unless you have formal training in computer science or engineering, it's unlikely that you have the same level of knowledge as a computer support specialist. Blind Spot will give the reader a jumpstart with quick lessions to set you above the rest This is especially true for more complicated issues like networking or data recovery.

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Experienced & Certified

We are proud of the fact that we only hire highly experienced technicians. Our goal is not just to get your job done quickly, but also with precision and care which will make you feel assured in knowing it was a well-done task from start to finish!

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Meet Anthony

Owner | Lead Technician
US Army Veteran

Anthony is the founder of KombDev Computer Support and Author of Blind Spot Smartphone and Computer Personal Security Guide. With 10 years of Enterprise IT experience, he is able to bring his knowledge and experiences to manifest solutions for his clients and build great relationships. When Anthony, 6 year United States Army Veteran,  is not solving computer disasters, He is discovering new solutions that can make his clients lives easier.


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